Energy Pattern Transformation

The Law of Attraction tells us that we get what we vibrate.
Watch the movie The Secret –it’s so easy, right?

Why is it that so many people have studied the Law of Attraction, spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on seminars and workshops, yet somehow that magical manifestation is so elusive?

There is a big gap between knowing ABOUT the Law of Attraction and actually putting it into practice in our lives.

The more useful question is, what can we do to bridge that gap, and create the life we choose?

  • Since we get what we vibrate, how do we change our vibration to match our desires?
  • Do we really know what we’re vibrating, or do we just think we know?
  • Can you truly stay single-mindedly focused on your goals despite all the distractions and counter-intentions and negativity that surrounds us and bombards us every day?

What if you had a vibration ally supporting you 24 hours a day, so that you are continuing to vibrate what you want, even in the midst of every-day life?

According to both Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison… The human brain emits frequency which when focused, picked up by another human brain, and does affect physical matter. It passes through the ether, through solid objects, and travels faster than the speed of light. There is a magnetic pull.

The power and the duration of your transmission influences how quickly and easily you manifest what you want.

EPT help you broadcast your intentions powerfully and consistently, with less interference from outside influences, or even your own unconscious patterns.

The challenge is how do we sustain the vibration we want long enough and powerfully enough to really achieve what we want in life. We set our goals and dreams, create our vision boards, repeat our affirmations, and then . . . Life happens. . . we are surrounded by lower vibrations and counter-intentions, results of a life-time of vibrating what we don’t want. We are surrounded by people (mostly well-meaning) vibrating what we don’t want. Our conditioned thought- and feeling-patterns are vibrating what we don’t want.

EPT is your 24-hour support system, broadcasting the energy patterns that support you and help you stay in alignment with your goals. Do you catch you mind thinking thoughts contrary to what you want? EPT will help you more easily shift your thought to a more positive vibration. It envelopes you in a cocoon of positive vibration, and even extends out 12 feet around you, positively affecting others near you.